How To Make Pounded Yam Flour

pounded yam flour

Pounded yam is one of the swallows in Nigeria made from yam 

The making of this is typically boiling yam and pounding it in a mortar that’s where it got its name pounded yam.

This process requires some energy and skill to make 

As a well made pounded yam has to be without lump and have the right texture.

Overtime in order to simplify our lives processing yam into fine flour for making pounded yam was welcomed.

It’s simpler, requires less time and energy to get it ready for food.

In simple steps I’ll be showing you how to make pounded yam flour, often referred to as yam poundo, from fresh yams.

It will interest you to know that pounded yam flour is different from amala flour made from yam

The process is almost the same except for the parboiling of the yam in making yam poundo

When the flour is prepared for swallow the outcome is different

Pounded yam flour comes out white while amala (yam flour) comes out brown when cooked.

Steps For Making Pounded Yam Flour


  • Fresh white yam tuber


  1. Select a good yam, white yam is preferable. 
  1. Wash the yam thoroughly  to remove sand
  1. Peel the yam skin off
  1. Cut the yam into small slices about ½ inch thick
  1. Parboil the yam on a stove for about 5 -10 minutes 
  1. With a dehydrator or sunlight, dry the yam until it’s completely dry.
  1. Once the drying process is complete, grind the dried yam to a smooth fine powder.
  1. Spread the yam flour in a tray to allow it cool off
  1. Sieve the flour to remove lumps if any
  1. In an airtight container store the flour until ready for use.

How To Prepare Pounded Yam Swallow

  1. In a pot add water and allow to boil
  2. Get the pot off the stove
  3. Add pounded yam flour into the hot water and stir continuously with a spatula
  4. Keep adding yam flour until the consistency becomes a firm dough (if it gets too thick or hard add some water)
  5. Keep turning until it’s smooth
  6. Place the pot back on the stove and add water, allow to cook for 5 -10 minutes with the pot covered.
  7. Turn the swallow until smooth.
  8. Turn off the stove and serve pounded yam with the desired soup or stew.

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