Know It All Simple Facts About Tiger Nut Oil

tiger nut oil

One of the wonderful products you can get from tiger nut tubers is tiger nut oil.

Yes oil!

Tiger nuts have a high level of oil  that makes it possible to extract oil from it.

And the good news is that the oil from tiger nut is healthy,

It’s a good substitute for olive, soya and cotton oil.

Although tiger nut oil is not so popular or always available in the market or stores.

There are companies that produce it, some of which are: 

Chufas Bou, Tigernuts, Madametiger, Kkaavi Beauty, buy from their website.

Found it in online stores like,,

Description of the oil

The oil is edible,

Its  golden yellow in colour,

Has a nutty taste that’s sweet,

The oil is stable It remains in its fluid state when refrigerated,

Does not change its properties and has a high resistance when heated this makes it a healthy option for cooking,

Has a long shelf life because it’s resistant to oxidation.

Nutrition Information

Average quantity per 100ml

ProteinLess than 1g
Fat Total98.1g
Saturated fat20.6g
Monounsaturated fat66.1g
Polyunsaturated fat11.4g
Trans fatLess than 0.1g
SugarsLess than 0.1g
SodiumLess than 2mg
Vitamin E 19mg
Table showing nutritional information of tiger nut oil


How tiger nut oil is made

In extracting the oil from tiger nuts, the common method is cold press and this is done using an oil press (expeller press) machine.

  • The nuts are cleaned,  by picking out dirts and washing 
  • Its then heated in the oven for few minutes about 10 mins
  • Next it’s placed into the oil press machine
  • The oil is then squeezed out and collected into a container
  • The oil is allowed to sit for a while this allows for any debris to float
  • It then passed through a sieve.

Uses of tiger nut oil

As a good oil for consumption its: 

  • Used as dressing for salad
  • Good for cooking, frying, baking

In the cosmetic industry its:

  • Used as a moisturizer, massage oil and in making bathing oil

Textile industry:

  • Used to waterproof textiles fibers

Health benefits

Tiger nut oil like tiger nuts and its other products tiger nut milk, tiger nut flour has good benefits to the body.

Good for the Skin:

Vitamin E, oleic acid present in the oil and low acidity of the oil makes it good for the skin it is applied topically on the skin, it’s a good moisturizer, Improves skin elasticity.

Posses Anti aging properties:

It slows down the cell’s aging process, fights free radicals, thereby making you feel and look younger.

Good for the Hair:

Adds moisture, shine and protects the hair.

Helps with Stress and depression:

They help in relieving stress and depression.

Digestive system:

The oil helps with digestive problem such as bloating, constipation, slow metabolism

Good for the heart:

The Vitamin E present in the oil and the oil has zero cholesterol making it good for the heart.

Boost Fertility: 

It is high in Vitamin E. This helps promote good health in both male and female reproductive systems, thereby an increase in fertility. 

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