How To Make Cocoyam Flour At Home And More

cocoyam flour

Cocoyam flour is used as a thickener in soups replacing the conventional method of preparing cocoyam for soup.

The preparation of fresh cocoyam for soup can take some time

Here is a brief run down of the process

  • peel the cocoyam
  • Wash
  • Cook
  • Pound or mash into a smooth paste
  • Then add to the soup.

With cocoyam flour all these steps mentioned above is no longer needed

and all you need to do is to measure out the quantity you want and add to the soup.

Uses of cocoyam flour

  • Its used as soup thickener to prepare soups like  Oha, Bitterleaf, Ofe Owerri or any other soup.
  • You can also make fufu (Swallow) with cocoyam flour, this is a healthier alternative to yam and fufu from cassava.

How to make cocoyam flour


  • Cocoyam


  • Wash the cocoyam to remove the sand
  • Peel off the back
  • Slice into chips
  • Dry well under the sun or use a dehydrator or oven ensure to use low heat with an oven
  • Blend the dry cocoyam chips
  • Allow the blended cocoyam powder to get cool
  • Keep in a clean airtight dry container until ready for use

How to prepare the flour for soup

While you can pour in the flour directly into the soup,

But if you are have difficulty with getting preventing the lumps this is a method I recommend below.

  • In a bowl, add the quantity of flour you need
  • Pour in little cold water (do not use boiling water it would form lumps and that’s what we are trying to avoid)
  • Mix well to form a smooth paste
  • Pour in the cocoyam flour paste into the soup.

How to prepare fufu with cocoyam

  • In a pot add cocoyam flour
  • Add cold water into the pot and mix well to form a smooth mixture
  • Place the pot on fire and continue to stir
  • Allow to thicken well
  • You can add some cassava flour to enable it form well (optional)
  • Remove from the fire and allow to cool and harden
  • Serve with any soup of your choice.

Benefits of cocoyam flour

  • It makes for convenience and increases the shelf life of cocoyam
  • Cocoyam is rich in B6 making it good for controlling high blood pressure and protects the heart
  • Cocoyam contains some dietary fiber which helps in regulating bowel health
  • Lower cholesterol levels and controls blood sugar level.

What’s your favorite soup thickener?

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