In 9 Easy Steps Make Turmeric Powder At Home

turmeric powder

I love to grow turmeric and when I harvest a lot of turmeric rhizomes from my garden,

I have to find a way to have them last longer that is turning them into powder,

although turmeric roots last much longer than ginger

Using turmeric powder also makes adding turmeric into meals easier

as I don’t have to always get my hands stained when cooking.

With simple steps I will be showing you how to make turmeric powder at home.

It’s not a difficult task, this also will save you from wasting fresh turmeric.


Fresh turmeric


  • Wash turmeric, ensure there is no sand in it.
  • Slice into smaller pieces
  • Spread under the sun to dry you can use a dehydrator or an oven
  • Once it’s completely dry, place in a blender and blend.
  • Allow it to cool.
  • Sieve the blended turmeric to get a fine powder.
  • Blend again the larger particles so that nothing wastes.
  • Store in a clean airtight container and use when needed.

How to use turmeric powder

For cooking: with a spoon take the quantity you want and add it to your meal while cooking you can use a spice sprinkler.

For beauty treatment: take the quantity you want and add to your mixture

The usage of turmeric simplified.

What is turmeric powder good for?

You can enjoy all the great benefits of turmeric from the powder too.

Depending on the making process some powders have more nutrient in them than others,

be sure to get a good quality if you must buy or make yours at home.

It’s a good replacement where you would use fresh turmeric, you can use it for tea, to cook, for beauty treatments etc.

Although the concentration of curcumin is higher in fresh turmeric than in powdered turmeric.

But some say it’s best to use turmeric powder in food you would cook and fresh turmeric for food you would eat raw.

Do I need to boil turmeric to make turmeric powder

Boiling the root to make powder is not compulsory, you can do that if you want.

The reason given for boiling is to ease the drying process under the sun.

But there isn’t so much difference with the time for drying

When boiling ensure its on low heat and do not boil for too long,

this is helpful it makes the curcumin in the root more absorbable by the body

But excessive heating kills the nutrient in it and I am sure you don’t want that.

Would you like to try making turmeric powder at home?

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