Are You New To Gardening See 9 Basic Garden Tools

garden tools

In this article we will be looking at basic garden tools

For every job there are tools used to make work better, faster

and more organized whether it’s baking, driving, engineering, writing.

All this requires the right kind of tool be it physical (hardware) tools or software tools.

As a gardener you need garden tools to get your job going,

There are so many tools from simple to more sophisticated tools.

As a beginner it is advisable to start with the basics as you get along you can pick up more tools as you find useful to you.

Here is a list of the basic garden tools you need for gardening when starting out

you don’t have to get all at once as some perform similar functions as others.

And it also depends on your garden size and approach.

For example if I decide I want to grow crops in containers, I may not need a shovel but a trowel and watering can is ideal.

Over time I can buy a mini shovel (soil scoop), hand held garden fork.

Do not invest a whole lot on tools when you are beginning, stick with the basics.


Description: It is a tool with a pointed, scoop shaped metal blade and wooden, metal or plastic handle. It looks like a  shovel or spade, but it’s much smaller.

Uses: A trowel, used by gardeners to:

  • weed,
  • move plants (transplanting),
  • planting,
  • breaking up earth,
  • Digging small holes,
  • mixing and scoop compost,
  • Work on tight spaces.

Types: there are various types of towels such as masonry, float and garden trowel to mention a few.

Our concern is the garden trowel and this also comes in various shapes and sizes.

Be sure to pick the right type when buying one.


Description: It is a hand tool used by gardeners. It’s made of a blade and handle, made of metals, steel or wood.

Uses: shovels used to

  • to dig,
  • lift and move soil,
  • making shallow trenches,
  • removing dirt or debris,
  • transplanting plants.

Types: there are different kinds of shovel choosing the right one makes work easy in the garden

Some examples of the various types are

  • Flat Shovel
  • Trench
  • Digging  square, round, pointed, post hole digging shovel.
  • Scoop
  • Tree planting shovel

Parts of a shovel :

Grip: this is the topmost part of a shovel made of metal, plastic or wood.

Shaft: this is the long pole made of metal or wood

Blade: this is the lower part of a shovel made of metal,

The top part of it called the kick plate is where you can put your feet and the tip is the lowest part of the blade.


Description: It consists of a grip, handle and blade made from metal, steel or wood,

It has a similar look as the shovel although there are slight differences in appearance and usage.


  • for digging
  • Cutting soil
  • Cut roots


  • Digging spade
  • Border spade
  • pointed spade
  • Transplanting spades


Description: it’s a tool that looks like a short sword, with a straight or little curved blade made of metal,

with one side of the blade being the cutting edge. The head is made of wood or rubber.

Uses: cutlass used to;

  • weed,
  • cutting, e.g. tree branches, grasses etc.
  • Making holes for planting,
  • Harvesting e.g. banana, plantain, sugarcane.


Description: It’s a tool that serves as a broom in the garden,

made of a toothed metal bar or cross line and fixed to a long pole or handle.


  • collect leaves, hay, grass in gardening,
  • losing the soil,
  • Remove light weed
  • leveling,
  • removing dead grass from lawns.

Types: there are different types of rake and they are for different purpose go for garden rakes

Garden rakes are stronger.


Description: A hoe has a wooden or metal handle with a metal blade bending downwards,

it’s considered one of the oldest garden tools.


  • remove weed,
  • clear soil,
  • harvest root crops,
  • shape the soil.

Types: There are also different types of hoe, buying the most appropriate one to use makes your work easier.

Watering Can or Hose:

Watering is an important part of gardening so having a tool to help water the plant is important

Start with any of the options that fits.

Watering can: a portable container used with a handle and a spout, used to water plants by hand.

They’re made of different materials some plastic, metal or steel,

and come in different shapes and sizes.

Hose: is a flexible tube used to convey water there are some common attachments available for the end of the hose,

such as a sprayer and sprinkler.

Uses: for watering plant soil,

Applying liquid manure to the soil.

Wheel Barrow

Description:  is a small hand propelled vehicle with one wheel in front,

pushed by a single person using two handles at the back.

They come in various shapes and sizes. It’s made from metal or galvanized steel and it’s often painted.


For carrying weighty things to and fro in the garden


Gloves are important for safety and hygiene purposes

Description: Gardening gloves is a garment covering the whole hand

Uses: protecting hands from hazards and germs..

Things to consider when selecting garden tools.

  • Choose the right place to buy tools
  • Go for durable tool
  • Buy tools that meet your gardening needs
  • Choose tools that are comfortable to use
  • Buy tools that are easy to clean and maintain
  • Choose the type of tool that works well for the intended use (functionality)
  • Buy tools made of the best material.

Caring for garden tools

  • Anything that would stand the taste of time care is important
  • To enjoy our tools we must care for them and have them in good condition at all times
  • Always remove sand from tools with water or dust off with a rag, with a rag clean up other tools after each use.
  • Be sure to dry up wet tool before storing them
  • Keep them in a safe place free from water or moist.
  • From time to time apply oil on them to protect them from rusting.
  • Sharpen when necessary and ensure to check screws and fasten if need be.

What garden tools do you use in your garden?

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