Four Easy Yam, Potato And Sweet Potato Recipe

yam, potato and sweet potato recipes

In this article we’ll share simple yam, potato and sweet potato recipes that save time to prepare.

Yam, potatoes and sweet potatoes are popular tubers consumed in Nigeria.

There’s a lot to do with them but this selected four recipes is easy and quick.

Feel free to use any tuber of your choice as substitute in the recipes given below.

Other tuber in Nigeria are cassava and coco yam.

Boiling or Roasting

boiled yam

Boiling is the simplest form of cooking, 

And with any of this tubers it’s quick too.

All that’s required for this is the tuber, water and salt (this is optional) depending on personal preference.

Once cooked it’s served with sauce, stew or soup.

Roasting on the other hand is quite different from boiling.

It involves using direct heat to cook the tuber,

This also is served with sauce, stew or soup.

Fries (Baking Method)

baked potato fries

Fries is almost everyone’s favorite,

This serves for breakfast, a side dish or as snacks.

They are often cut into various shapes, the most common is thin strips.

It’s most times salted and other ingredients like pepper or spices are added to it.

When served as a meal they are served with sauce.

A popular example is egg sauce.


sweet potato porridge

Making porridge is another easy meal to prepare.

It requires simple ingredients and takes few minutes to get ready for eating.

Although the cook time will vary depend on which of the tubers, the quantity and size of the slice.

Porridge can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Be it yam, sweet potato, Irish potato or a combination of any of these it’s always a delight.


garnish potato

This is a delicious and healthy meal,

It’s made with different kinds of vegetables such as carrots, sweet corn, green peas etc.

The meal is also spicy.

This meal can be served for breakfast, Lunch or dinner.

Follow the steps in this garnish potato recipe to make yours at home.

Which of these yam, potato and sweet potato recipes is your favorite?

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